Herb Pipes and Accessories

We’ve come a long way since 1993…

Here at Red-Eye we have always been passionate about combining form and function, producing superb, designer herb pipes and accessories.

Under the Captain’s guidance we combine outstanding design and innovative engineering to produce ‘the worlds finest’ cooling and filtering Pipes. Using exquisite aerospace titanium, aircraft grade aluminium, surgical steel and borosilicate glass in our pipe and product range.  We have also developed two unique vaporisers for recreational and medicinal pleasure.

We strive to give you the worlds best, effortlessly smooth herb pipe experience.  

The Original Raswell Herb Pipe

Designed back in ‘98 and has stood the test of time in the herb accessories market. A quarter of a century later the Cpt’n has reinvented this classic in a beautiful crystal clear high specification borosilicate glass with sub surface Laser engraving. The unique RED-EYE maze filtration path, based on the ancient Neolithic ‘Cup and Ring’ marks found in stone all around Europe and boasting a 320mm air flow path that cools and cleans for a smooth experience like no other.

Features :
Diameter : 80mm
Weight : 245g
Material : Borosilicate Glass
Maze path length : 320mm

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The A’maze’d mini

Precision engineered herb pipe made from premium lightweight grade 5 Titanium (also available in polished 303 stainless steel) being 25% smaller than the legendary original designed back in ‘97, the A’maze’d mini has a compact length of just 62mm yet boasts a 250mm maze filtration path. The smoke travels 4x the length of the actual pipe ensuring a cool and clean hit every time and giving the A’maze’d mini unrivalled portability.

Length 62mm
250mm maze air flow path
Weight: Titanium 23g,
Stainless 42g
CNC precision machined
Child Safety Box

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A'maze'd mini Titanium

I highly recommend this website. The items are built of great quality. The after-sales service is wonderful. If you ever have any problems, be sure they will help you anytime.

Jose M B T / Trustpilot

THANK YOU SO MUCH Red-Eye. I couldn’t have been more happy with my order and proud of being a Red Eye customer since 2013!

Jenniloù P / Trustpilot

I discovered this maybe 15 years back in Amsterdam. Since then bought several as presents to friends and family to avoid the use of tobacco, paper etc. I have at least 3 myself, for travel, home or base camps while on the move for work… In short, highly recommended and efficient.

Dez. V / Direct Email

Designer Curing Jar

Our beautiful storage jars are made from
premium ultra violet glass. Protect your herbs
from ultra violet light in our signature
series air tight herb jar.

Premium ultra violet glass
Complete airtight container
Size : 250ml
~Stores ½ oz flower

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Laser Etched Walnut Rolling Tray

An exquisite fusion of craftsmanship and innovation that will elevate your herb rolling experience. Meticulously handcrafted from sustainably sourced walnut wood, renowned for its strength and rich warm tones. The natural grain patterns and lustrous finish of the wood create a visually striking backdrop for the laser etched design, adding a touch of elegance to your ritual and herb accessory collection. 

Sustainably sourced wood
Functional design
Lazer etching
Size : 250mm x 170mm

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K9 Optical Crystal Borosilicate Glass, sub surface Laser engraved, functional and elegant. Such craftmanship and precision you will want to use as an ornamental display piece or to add to your herb accessory collection.

Crystal Glass
Functional design
Lazer etching
Size: 150mm and 130mm
Weight: 1050g and 750g


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