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Humidor – RED-EYE Limited Edition


Stashbox Humidor – RED-EYE Limited Edition

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Crystal Twist – 50mm


Crystal Twist 5-part Herb Grinder 50mm

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Crystal Twist – 40mm


Crystal Twist 5-part Herb Grinder 40mm

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The Rokit is our premium bong and one of the best waterpipes around.

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Splif Stik Roach


A spare or replacement roach for the Splif Stik smoking pipe.

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Amazed | Limited Edition


Amazed | Limited Edition

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Dutchie Combi-Pack Papers


Dutchie Combi-Pack Papers are made by smokers, for smokers.

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Alivi8 Stainless


The Alivi8 vaporizer is a portable vaporizer pipe that is just perfect for discreet vaping while you’re on the move.

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